About Janaki

A poetry in motion

The most popular name amongst the grandmothers of India

Janaki is not just a fond memory, it is
A living presence; close, intimate & real
Under her care we grew up

Through her wisdom we blossomed
By her loving touch we became graceful

Janaki is a presence, the eternal feminine wisdom
Guiding every step we take in life
She guards our home, she nourishes our souls;
The wisdom tree where we take shelter;
Living presence of Grace;

To be with her is to
Learn ways of loving wisdom
Crafting the details of everyday life
Where the mundane become sacred by her magic touch
Janaki is an invitation to come home

The ways of ancient wisdom awaits you
In her presence we are children once again
Learning how natural life can be, remembering
How joyful and meaningful simple things can be
Welcome to the house of conscious living