First Sightings of Janaki

Janaki made a dignified entrance on the maps of Mysore on 11th May 2012. A building that is more than hundred years old, is the perfect setting for the grand lady Janaki is.

Front View of the Janaki Mysore

Seen from the outside, you ponder. Should I drink in more of the elegance of the facade or should I step in and immerse into her offerings. Stop! Let your eyes feast on this. Enjoy this as you would enjoy a sip of fine wine.

Front Room

As you enter into the Janaki store you can’t help admire the painting on the wall. Could this be Janaki? Of course, the delicately hanging display system built cleverly to expose the niche from where Janaki looks at you and the store. She exudes warmth and affection. A perfect picture for this setting.

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