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Prakrit – Sustainable furniture line

Post cyclone furniture line “Eye of the Cyclone” by Prakrit from Auroville, which transforms crisis into opportunity.

prakriti - sustainable furniture

29th Dec 2011, a night Auroville will remember. 140 km/h winds swept over 40 years of green work of Auroville. We woke up to see fallen trees around us. It took weeks of chain saw sounds dominating the air to clean paths. Collected wood was kept on acres of land. Each fallen tree had a different story to tell.

‘JANAKI, house of conscious living’ decided to link the furniture line to this cyclone and the sustainable furniture “Eye of the Cyclone“ was born. Selecting wood from huge pile and processing of the wood began soon after. We are happy to offer a memory of the international township into your living space. Let us be conscious of our conviction to land and nature.

Unique furniture pieces

Prakriti - Sustainable furniture line

Each table is a unique piece.

The wood used by Prakrit is Acacie (Acacie auriculiformis) which has been carefully selected and seasoned. Each table is a unique piece as the designer has selected the best of the trunks and allowed each plank to decide the form for itself. Legs are of different heights and forms, which are designed to underline the organic form of the plate. Legs are fixed with strong steel fixtures and the table can be dismantled. Each plate is carefully sanded and wax polished to heighten the golden colour of the wood. This treatment can be easily maintained.

We have a range of plates in different sizes for dining, office and coffee tables and benches, and in case you need a custom made table contact: Office@upasana.in

Prakrit on Facebook: www.facebook.com/prakritdesign