Webe as in Well-being

Yoga Accessories from Webe Webe manufacturers a range of product, of which these wonderful yoga accessories to help you medidate and practice in comfort and with peace of mind.  The philosophy behind their product takes root at the very source of yoga practice:  Well-being isn’t a state that can be gained with external tools or gains, but rather is attained from an inner journey.  This journey starts when one realises that the well-being is a state of mind and body which is at peace with oneself and the rest of the world.  Realising that truth starts you on the path to well-being.  Or as Webe puts it,

‘Well-being’, as highly misunderstood, is not
synonymous to comfort or luxury. It is rather, a state of
balance and harmony with the self, with others, with
our immediate surroundings and in larger context, our
environment and world.

Ofcourse, the fact that these items are manufactured using natural organic fibres can only help to give one a little more peace of mind.

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